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Department of Shareera Rachana Vijnjaanam (Ayurvedic Human Anatomy) is an important for all allied health sciences. It is one of the fundamental subject to the health science. The ayurvedic life science is also based on the human anatomy, without the knowledge of Shareera Rachana the Physician cannot become perfect in the profession. The Acharya Shusruta human body dissection was described in Shusruta Samhita.
Departmental vision:
The need Ayurvedic human anatomy manual is very essential to the students of ayurvedic undergraduates.
* To impart practical and clinical based knowledge of Rachana Shareera to students for strengthening their foundation of basic principles for future clinical practice.
* To provide high quality education in Human Anatomy for medical students and students of other health science courses in an interesting, Effective and enjoyable way to students.
* To impart the knowledge and awareness on organ donation and body donation.
* Department is maintained with well experienced faculties.
* The knowledge of anatomy is based on the Dissection of the Dead body
* Departmental Museum has preserved Specimens of Organs with charts & models.
* Departmental Library has sufficient reference books.
* Departmental Microscopic Anatomy is well equipped to provide students for hands to present complicated Histology, Cytology, Organ logy diagrams in a simple and easy manner on training of the lab procedures.


Dr.Vishweshwaraya Math
(Associate Professor)
Dr.Vishweshwarayya Math associate professor with teaching experience of 7 years in the department of Shareera Rachana Vijnana and Head of the Department in Kalmathada Pujya Shri Virupaksha Shivacharya Ayurvedic Medical College and Hospital,Manvi.

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Completed B.A.M.S. course (4 ½ years) from A.V.S Ayurveda Mahavidyalaya, Bijapur Dist - Karnataka 2011
Completed One year internship from A.V.S Ayurveda Mahavidyalay, Bijapur Dist - Karnataka. 2012 2012
Completed post graduation in Ayurveda with specialization in Rachana Shareera from Shri N K Jabshetty Ayurvedic Medical College & P.G. Centre Bidar, Dist – Bidar Karnataka 2017


* Associate professor in the Department of Rachana Shareera in KPSVS Ayurvedic Medical College and Hospital, Manvi.


* Attended Globel wellness meet – 2016 held to commemorate the golden jubilee of the Karnataka ayurvedic and unani practioners board at Bangalore
* Attendend state level seminar in dravya guna dravyanveshana-2015 in N.K.Jabshetty Ayurvedic Medical College & P G Centre Bidar.